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  • Close all running TMbot instances
  • Install the setup file

  • A software you can depend on for the long term

    We are a company specializing in customized software. We offer an active community, forum, wikis, help, support and constant updates/new features - a software you can depend on for the long term!

  • Intelligent Farm Engine:

    The TMbot Farm engine can completely automates farming, resulting in MUCH higher resource gains. Many of our users are top farmers on their server!

  • Automated Building and Training:

    Queue up a list of buildings and/or troops and TMbot will automatically build and upgrade them as soon as resources are available.

  • Email Notifications:

    TMbot can send notifications for incoming attacks, low food, messages from the MultiHunter, and more. Never wake up to starving troops again!

  • Evade Attacks:

    You can set which troops will automatically dodge incoming attacks, avoiding unnecessary settler or offensive troop loss.

  • Report Archiving:

    Review all your reports in one place, sort them by date, type, alliance, and more. View all reports for a single farm.

  • Alliance coordination:

    Alliance reports for your farms automatically are added to a list you can view and are used by the farm engine to decide when and how many troops to send.

  • Schedule Attacks:

    Use the Attack Coordinator to schedule attacks, view travel time, and send reinforcements.

  • Statistics:

    View performance statistics about every facet of your account, from raiding efficiency, troop counts, to growth of your farms and more.

  • Overview screens:

    View Account-wide resources, troop counts, attacks, and buildings on a single overview screen. Extremely helpful for managing larger accounts!